Having left the Mayr clinic a few months ago and only just re-introduced raw food back into my diet, there is only one raw menu that I want to consult; that which belongs to Nama.

The food at Nama is all raw and vegan but, trust me, the menu here is mind-blowing. From pizza to sandwiches to a full blown cheese plate, Nama caters for even the most sceptical of raw foodies. The food is incredibly alkaline and proves that food that is good  for you, can taste damn good too! The portions aren’t stingy but as the food is light and clean, Nama is perfect if you want a healthy, bikini friendly meal but if your starviiiiiing I wouldn’t make this your first choice!


Whilst pursuing the menu, I’d order the ‘Green Cleanser’ or an ‘Internal Harmony’ juice; cold-pressed, bursting with flavour and definitely a drink to get you get an alkaline halo.


The first time I came here with my partner in crime, Lydia, we went to town on ordering. We started with the Asian tapas board which was exceptional – although not an ideal dish to share between two, there only being one ravioli and 3 pieces of sushi. But it says more about the platter that Lydia and I were unashamedly fighting for the last mouthful. The sushi was made with cauliflower rice – bear with me! – and once it had been given a thorough dunking in the peanut sauce, became one of the best sushi rolls I’ve had.  Trust me, you won’t miss traditional rice in a sushi roll once you’ve demolished one of these bad boys.


 If your an instagram fiend, then a shot and cheeky caption of a dish at Nama will certainty rake in the likes. Just check out that kohlrabi ravioli!

IMG_1697       IMG_1661

I love kale as much as the next, (ok, healthy obessed), person, but if I hadn’t read a couple of reviews of Nama before I went, I probably wouldn’t have ordered their kale salad,  (£8.50), with my ego telling me I could just make this at home. But phoar, if only I could recreate this salad at home! Bloody delish, I would definitely advise ordering it. I was less blown away by their Caesar salad though, as without the classic Caesar dressing, it felt like a rather sad impostor.


Without a doubt, my favourite dish at Nama’s is the Antipasti board (£14.) Utterly beautiful, this is a dish that you stare at for a second, wondering if perhaps the presentation means that this is just too pretty to eat….before you fend off inquisitive forks and get stuck in.


A great dish for sharing – or not – each of the rolls were bursting with an unusual flavour and paired perfectly with the lightly smeared avocado/red vegetable sauce dotted around the plate. My favourite was the courgette roll filled with olive tapenade, served with an edible flower. Definitely food for thought next time you have a date you want to impress, as although I’d imagine they would be fiddly to construct, I reckon if you rolled up your sleeves you could recreate a few of the rolls. (Watch this space…)


Sadly I wouldn’t order Nama’s cheese board again. At £15, it was v expensive for the portion size and neither Lydia nor myself particularly enjoyed it, feeling that there are some things that you can recreate exceptionally well dairy-free but proper cheese aint one of them.


However, if you find that you are given a menu and then you’re instantly stuck in a ferocious internal argument on what to order, then can I suggest the sharing pudding plate. (£6.50 per person.) I love mini tasters of puddings, as you finish a meal feeling that your sweet tooth is satisfied but equally you don’t finish a meal feel sluggish and uncomfortably full. All of the treats were delicious and each time I’ve had the platter, I’ve been reminded that sometimes ‘less is more.’



The best time to visit Nama is when the sun is shining and you can bag a table outdoors as it’s slightly clinical inside. The perfect place to take someone whose interested in trying raw and original cuisine, Nama’s food, once tried, normally results in a love affair. Nama is expensive but you can taste how fresh the ingredients are and personally I’d rather pay more for that. Post my time at the Mayr clinic, I’ve been looking for places that serves delicious alkaline food, that is high in nutritional value and will leave me full of beans and raring for summer’s next adventure….and Nama is just the place.

Find Nama near Portobello Road at 110 Talbot Road, W11 1JR.

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